How to Prepare your Horse

How to Prepare your Horse2018-08-10T00:22:03+00:00

Please have your horse groomed prior to the massage, from their ears to their hooves.  If needed, a grooming fee WILL be applied. If possible, adding fly spray to your horse will also help.  Put on fly spray an hour before the appointment.

Make sure you make your therapist aware of any medications your horse may be taking, any treatments, and if your horse has had a recent injury, or has any swelling, or if your horse is on any restrictions from your vet.

Please note*
I CANNOT massage your horse if:

  • Your horse has evidence of a fever
  • Your horse is in shock
  • It can never be used on any form of skin disease (except the thickened condition of the skin left behind by chronic eczema
  • On any cases of apoplexy
  • If your horse has any abscesses or tumors

Each massage takes about 1-2 hours, sometimes 3 depending on how reactive your horse is, but 3 hours is rare.

Please be prepared to walk your horse at a fast pace for 5 minutes, so have an open area ready.  This is a MUST after a massage.

Please be present during the first massage, and hold your horse.  After your horse’s first massage, you may tie them (if they are calm), but please stay close by.

Please have a quiet place for your horse’s massage.

I may ask to have you switch any nylon or leather halters out for rope halters if needed

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